Hartl Ag Building, Red River Valley Fairgrounds, West Fargo info@fiberartsfest.com

Vendors (list is from 2023)

Alainn Yarns Hand dyed yarns inspired by travel

The heart of the Festival is our vendors: small businesses dedicated to fiber production, equipment, processing, dyeing, and more!

Beautiful World Minnesota Backus, MN

We raise our own Icelandic mix sheep in the Northern woods of Minnesota for wool and meat and love having our fleece babies in the yard! In addition to selling the fleece we shear each year, we have the capacity and knowledge to clean and card your fleece for spinning, felting and dyeing.

We use natural, bio-degradable products wanting to ensure we give you back the finest product we can.

The Bountiful Ewe Fargo

Dakota Pygoras

This year we are offering roving in the colors of our North Dakota Pygora goat herd: Grey, Ivory, Black, Brown, and Caramel are the blends you will love to check out.
Pygora goat fiber is soft and super fine. The goat is a delight to have as an addition to
your hobby farm or ranch. We would love to help you learn more about this breed and
have goat kids for sale should you want to have your own fiber goat.

Dresow Family Farm

Lonsdale, MN

Natural Colored and Plant Dyed Yarn

The Dyeing Arts

Tara Neese

Omaha, NE

From Ewe to You LLC

West Fargo

We create hand-dyed wool yarn and household goods from start to finish in the state of North Dakota.

Ghana Crazy

Our favorite African made basket are back this year! Sizes to store everything.

Guided Rock Farms

Family farm in NW Nebraska

Regenerative farm with Navajo Churro and Rambouillet sheep. Offering raw wool, roving, batts, yarn, and felted rugs.

Christine, Benton, Nora, and Naomi

Harvest Hill Acres

Dennison, MN

Home to a purebred flock of CVM Romeldale sheep, Llama, Angora Rabbits, Chickens and Honey Bees. We work hard to provide exceptional fiber, and have fun with our sheep.  The bees produce excellent honey.

HoneyGold Acres -Hugo, MN

Hugo, MN

Caroline Waskow


Knitting My Way Home

Minnesota based business that hand-spins yarn, starting from roving and fleece to a completed yarn product.

Sharon Knutson

The Layzee Farmer LLC

Clear Lake, Minnesota

Jennifer Herbold

Luv Ewe by Gerry Kay

Mel’s Fiber Worx


ModeKnit Yarn

St. Paul, MN

Mystic Fibers

Laurie Connolly

Clarissa, MN

North Dakota Handspinners

Moorhead, MN

Catherine Lundberg

Quirky Fiber Works

Tamara Radke

Coon Rapids, MN

Willow Wood Market

Bemidji, MN

Bonnie Lundorff

Yarn Adventure Truck

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fabulous hand-dyed yarns and handmade accessories and notions.

If you are looking for luxury yarns and notions, check out our store in a truck. 

Yarn Factory LLC

From Barn to Yarn

Galchutt, ND

Yarn Adventure

Yesterday’s Crafts

Ashford Spinning Wheels


Ashland Bay Spinning Fibers

SpinOlution Spinning Wheels

Uta Zeis, St. Cloud, MN

Youghiogheny Yarns


Zipply Art

Omaha, NE

Rhonda Berman